Consensus Trance – Doctors in Denial?

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University of the North Pole

Covid Treatment Ethics Paper No. 2
Dimensions of Consensus Trance – Doctors in Denial

Answer all questions….

1. Discuss the relationship between psychological denial, psychological avoidance…..and covering up
inconvenient and frightening truths.

2. A properly functioning medical system organises arrangements to monitor for adverse events and severe
adverse events for novel drugs and medical treatments. ( “Severe” means death or life threatening events and
are typically 15% of the US VAERS events but more for the covid vaccines.) It operates by keeping records
of health events happening to everyone involved in medical trials. This does not mean that all events are
inevitably the result of the novel treatment. Adverse events may happen anyway. However, one way of
denying a possible truth is to ignore data that might be a signal or “early warning” that there is a problem and
not investigate the signal’s possible early warning implications. What are the reasons that such early warnings
might be ignored?

3. Answer (a) and (b)

(a) Discuss what constitutes a signal suggesting causal effect between vaccines and adverse events warranting
further investigation. An analysis of all adverse events in the VAERS system up to early April 2021 found that
70% of all individuals had onset of symptoms within 48 hours following first or second doses. According to a
study by Dr Jessica Rose “If deaths, for example, following COVID-19 injections are not causally linked,
then the reported percentages of deaths should be equally distributed across days following injection: there
should not be an excess of reports on days 0, 1 and 2, yet there are.”

(b) What else is needed from the data to indicate potential causality that would warrant deeper investigation?

4. Consider this write up from a case in VAERS and say whether you think there might have been a causal
connection between the death and the vaccine warranting deeper investigation. Explain your answer.
“Patient received second dose of Pfizer vaccine on March 17, 2020 while at work. March 18, 2020 her 5
month old breastfed infant developed a rash and within 24 hours was inconsolable, refusing to eat, and
developed a fever. Patient brought baby to local ER where assessments were performed, blood analysis
revealed elevated liver enzymes. Infant was hospitalized but continued to decline and passed away. Diagnosis
of TTP. No known allergies. No new exposures aside from the mother”s vaccination the previous day.”

5. In a peer reviewed article describing how she approach an analysis of data from VAERS Dr Jessica Rose

“In order to rule out spuriousness, the potential contribution of additional variables, including pre-existing
conditions and medications, that could have contributed to death were examined. Of the
medications, the most frequently reported occurred in ~6% of the individuals, and on the facet of
prior conditions which may have led to death, only 8.5% of the individuals had some heart-related incident
reported in their prior history. This was the highest percentage of conditions reported in the medical histories.
It should be acknowledged that the VAERS-reported medical history is bound to be incomplete, and therefore
it is possible that the AEs in question could be due to conditions not reported in VAERS data.”

How would it help for clinically trained people investigate and assess data such as that in VAERS in the
Yellow Card reports of the MHRA in the UK?

6. Explain how and which Bradford Hill criteria can be used to assess the possibility of a causal relationship
between covid gene therapy and adverse effects: strength (effect size); consistency (reproducibility);
specificity; temporality (effect after cause and times/dates); dose-response relationship;
plausibility/spuriousness; coherence; experiment; experiment and analogies…

7. Dr. Charles Hoffe found that 62% of his patients had elevated d-dimer four to seven days after getting the
vaccine (d-dimer is a sign of recent blood clotting ). Discuss the idea that in each area at least one GP should
do a similar survey of patients to reassure or, if their experience is the same as with Dr Hoffe, to alert local
doctors about the dangers of the vaccines.

8. A study by McLachlan et al had clinically trained reviewers examine reports in VAERS of the first 250
reported deaths said to be associated to the covid vaccines. For 14% of the deaths a vaccine connection could
be ruled out. For 81% a connection with the vaccine may have occurred and for at least 5% of the 250 (13
persons) the vaccine was the most likely cause of death.
Discuss what could have been done, and can now be done, to make get a more definite % attribution between
vaccines and deaths.

9. Discuss the allegations of self titled “fact checkers” and journalists that VAERS is a breeding ground for
anti vaccine information, their claims that all the deaths are coincidental and that reports are made by non
qualified persons. In your answer explain the significancce of McLachlan et al’s finding that 67% of the
reports they studied were written by health service employees and 5% were written by people associated with
the drug companies.

10. The McLachlan study describes how, in their reports to VAERS “….it became apparent that some nursing
or clinical staff felt it important to expressly distance vaccine administration from the resulting death. It was
difficult to tell whether this was to avoid the negative mainstream media perceptions of being vaccine
hesitant or anti vax, to distract potential blame being levelled at the care organisation or healthcare provider
who authorised and administered the vaccine, or was simply because there was an honest belief in absolute
vaccine infallibility” (McLachlan et al )

Discuss the pattern of motivations at play when nursing or care staff wrote VAERS reports. Might there have
been situations where nursing and care staff were conflicted and felt under any informal pressure to express
loyalty to, and belief in, the official narrative about vaccine safety – or is it more likely that staff had an
honest belief in vaccine infallibility?

11. “In spite of the fact that only 11 (4%) present with a test confirmed and current covid 19 infection, all 250
people in this interim collection were reported as covid 19 deaths. This means that all, even those who
received one or more test results, were erroneously counted in the officially reported national COVID 19
death tally” (McLachlan et al ).

(a) Discuss possible reasons that vaccine deaths became counted as Covid 19 deaths in VAERS. (b) What are
the consequences of these misattributions for how dangerous the vaccines are seen to be and how dangerous
Covid 19 is seen to be?

12. Denial and avoidance is not simply a matter of individual psychology but can be anchored in place by
institutions and how they operate, individually and collaboratively. Institutions may want you to ignore
signals that something exists and seek to create a taboo against investigation, for example suggesting this is
evidence of a “conspiracy theory”.

Discuss the role of the following in the creation of taboos against investigation: (a) the Public Relations
Industry and Spin Doctors; (b) the media and the governments “Trusted Media Initiative”; (c) the regulatory
authorities; (d) the data bases containing data submitted by doctors and by the public.

13. The way that the phrase “conspiracy theorist” is used in the media is what is sometimes called a “thought
stopper” or a “thought terminating cliche” or “semantic stop sign”. It is intended to prevent particular ideas
being given any credence and going further to explore ideas.

Discuss this notion and suggest what thoughts might be being stopped as regards covid 19 and its treatment.
For example is there any evidence that suppression of information about non vaccine treatments like
ivermectin is because the alternatives are effective, cheap and safe and thus competitors to the vaccines which
are big money spinners if seen as the only options?

14. What appears to be psychological denial may in fact be a conscious cover up. How may a cover up help
others seeking to avoid looking at an issue to maintain peace of mind?

15. “Sometimes things are as bad as they seem” according to psychotherapist Sheldon Kopp. How can cover
ups and denial make things worse by misleading others about the risk assessment that they must make for
themselves and their children ?

16. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it”
Upton Sinclair. Assume a hypothetical situation where it turns out that the covid vaccines are highly toxic
with long run health consequences for millions – are there any people who might lose their jobs and salaries
if they spoke out about things that they suspect is the case.

17. Many of the group of people who actively organised and practiced vaccinations would likely suffer
mental health difficulties if it was shown to them that the vaccines do significant harm. The people who
received vaccination would also likewise suffer from anxiety and significant psychiatric difficulties if it was
found that vaccinations do harm which might turn up at a later date. Both groups have an apparent motive for
supporting each other in denial. However such denial would itself be a serious mental health difficulty if
problems do emerge. Discuss the idea that denial may prevent realistic attention to risks and issues in the
lives of individuals, families and institutions and hinder long run social and individual psychological

18. The medium and long term health effects of the vaccines are not known. However, as a thought
experiment assume a plausible worse case scenario as SAGE likes to do, but in this case a worse case
scenario for vaccine injuries and deaths. Then, use your best guess to discuss what % of doctors would no
longer wish to practice medicine and the reasons for that because of guilt and/or loss of confidence in their
own moral competence after having advocated and administered a toxic product.

19. 94% of candidate vaccines fail within 8 to 9 years of clinical trials for reasons of safety and/or efficacy.
Why did the vaccine companies, the regulatory agencies and academic doctors not assume that there was a
94% of these vaccines provinng to be ineffective and/or dangerous?

20. Answer (a) (b) and (c)

(a) Most doctors must have known that there was always a strong chance that the gene therapies would fail. Is
this true and does this explain why a large proportion have not taken the vaccines themselves?

(b) What % of doctors have spoken out about the risk of the vaccines? If they did not express their
reservations why not? How often were cash incentives involved?

(c) If the long run medical situation reveals more and more problems how will doctors who did not speak out
be able to face their patients who took the vaccines – perhaps people that they vaccinated?

21. According to cybernetician, the late Stafford Beer, “the purpose of a system is what it does”.
Is a regulatory agency that ignores possible “signals” of dangerous practices and failure in monitoring data (a)
betraying its role in protecting the public or (b) performing its real role – i.e. rendering the public passive
because the public prefer to believe they can trust the government and officialdom when these are, in fact,
managing a deceptive facade.

22. It is easier to deny something and push it out of one’s mind with an alternative interpretation – if the
thing that one wants to ignore is being expressed by others then one alternative explanation is that the rejected
idea arises from a malign attempt to mislead – for reasons of attention seeking, or to discredit power holders
or to undermine an official narrative. Discuss.

23. Denial and avoidance are ultimately what happens in the aftermath of disasterous hubris – the chickens
come home to roost while those responsible attempt to hide, distract, obfuscate, pass the blame and deny their
part responsibility in what was a reckless endeavour.

Discuss who has been most responsible for the lack of caution in rolling out the Emergency Use
Authorisations. Has it been:

(a) Big Pharma which for years got away with crimes falsifying safety and efficacy data which led only to
fines that were easy to pay from inflated profits?

(b) Doctors who allowed themselves to be used for Big Pharma agendas and have carelessly trusted drug
suppliers despite years of warning about their dishonesty and medical malpractice in drug trials?

(c) Academics who enjoyed the money and celebrity status when they were enrolled for Big Pharma
marketing exercises – as “key opinion leaders” on lecture circuits, in conferences and as “lead authors” in
peer reviewed articles that were ghost written by medical communication companies?

(d) Medical journals who are compromised by their financial dependence in their relationship with drug
companies and their inability to counter medical fraud as witness the Surgisphere scandal and the use of the
Lancet by a group that wished to distract attention from their role in gain of function research and the
development of covid 19.

24. Cassandra was cursed to be right when she prophesied the future but not to be believed. (She was also
murdered). It is common for people in authority to punish and persecute the bringers of bad news. In a growth
economy “optimism” is also treated virtually as a virtue and pessimism as a crime because it encourages
spending and risk investment and implies that people in authority are right and succcessful. It is not surprising
therefore that people who want to get on hesitate to even consider pessimistic possibilities – the result is an
infantile society that cannot accept unpleasant truths and people who govern being surrounded by sycophants.

25. “Money talks”. Discuss the role of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the corruption of the World
Health Organisation, the corporate media and the social media platforms in suppressing alternative
information in favour of “one version of the truth” – their version of the “truth”. When is “philanthropy”
interfering in (a) democracy and (b) public health?

26. The public enthusiasm for the vaccines was partly the result of the public not knowing about the existence
of effective early treatments developed during 2020. When they were developed regulatory and public health
organisations put considerable effort suppressing knowledge of, and support for, these treatments.

(a) Discuss why a great deal of effort has been put into suppressing information about drugs like
hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide, monoclonal antibodies – and why research into drugs like HCQ
was organised in a fraudulent way to discredit them.

(b) If your doctor will not prescribe you the alternative drugs and treatment options as an alternative to the
vaccines is s/he acting ethically bearing in mind that informed consent includes the right to try “reasonable
practical alternatives”? Explain your answer.

27. The UK government has hired the services of the OMD Group to run the governments PR campaigns. In
its documentation for the government the OMD Group describes itself as providing a government approved
“single version of the truth”.
Is a “single version of the truth” likely to include the failure of the vaccines and how dangerous they are if
this turns out to be the case?

28. As a thought experiment imagine a future in which there is wide recognition that there had been a failure
of the vaccines and many long run health problems associated with them.

(a) Discuss what would then likely happen in, and to, the governing system of your country.

(b) Discuss what would happen to the economy of your country.