Inequality, Epidemiology and Economics

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Public health is an alternative indicator of well-being and is strongly correlated to levels of equality or inequality. Greater equality means greater well-being for everyone and a smaller need for the state – yet inequality has been increasing dramatically. My … Continued

Chapter 42: The psycho-dynamics of the financial market

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It would be valuable to integrate into our theorisation of what happens in the course of the credit and other economic cycles and events, the emotional changes of the people involved as they act and live through these events. Very often, people live with their emotions but barely notice them.

Chapter 19: Commoning

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This chapter explores the features of sustainable commons and the extent of commons today. It describes the practice of commoning as a possible response to the ecological crisis. By definition colonial settlers were non-indigenous people. They were displaced and dislocated … Continued

Chapter 18: Concepts for a fenced off world

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Private property in land means enclosure and exclusion. Economists typically assume that economic choices involve inevitable trade-offs. However, it is not true that alternatives must always be forgone. There is often a potential for sharing and mutual accommodation that is … Continued